School Starters Program

School Starters

Starting school can be a stressful time for parents and children alike. Our School Starters program focuses on social skills and the basics of working with children in groups the way they will continue to do in kindergarten. Let's make starting school a fun and exciting experience!

Is your child starting school next year and in need of a little extra practice when it comes to social interaction? 

Our School Starters program is here to help. We use the weeks of Term 4 in the school year to help prepare those headed for Kindergarten the following year.

Our small School Starters group focuses on practising social interactions, play skills, and the school routine in a calm and controlled environment, giving kids the confidence they need to start their school life with a smile. 

Ask us if our program would be right for your child.


Next placement, Term 4, 2020.

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