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Lara Clark


LARA CLARK: Occupational Therapist

Days available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Lara graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) from The University of Sydney in 2007. Since this time she has worked predominantly in private practice, also spending time in the United Kingdom (UK) working in a community setting.


Lara started in private practice at The Sensory Gym (Hobartville) and following her return from the UK, worked at Sensational Kids OT (Kirrawee). While in the UK, she worked in a community-based health care setting known as the Mary Sheridan Centre.


From a young age, Lara spent many hours with a family member on the Autism Spectrum as well as a very close friend with a cognitive impairment sparking her passion for working with children with special needs.

Lara places a strong emphasis on continued professional development, having completed the following training:

  • Sensory Approach to Arousal Regulation and Developmental Trauma- Shelia Frick

  • Core Pathways to Stability and Self Regulation- Shelia Frick

  • Shifting Gears: Sound & Movement Strategies for Sensory Processing Dysfunction- Sheila Frick

  • NDT From Head to Toe: Applied to Daily Function Proximal to Distal Control- Lezlie Adler and Kate Bain

  • Current Concepts in NeuroDevelopmental Treatment “NDT: A Multi-System Approach to Assessment and Intervention”- Lezlie Adler

  • Approach to Treatment of the Baby (5 days)- Rona Alexander, Linda A. Kliebhan and Gail Ritchie

  • Clinical Assessment and Practical Intervention for Praxis: From Ideation to Execution- Dr Teresa A. May-Benson

  • Astronaut Training: A Sound Activated Vestibular-Visual Protocol- Sheila Frick and Mary Kawar

  • M.O.R.E Integrating the Mouth with Sensory & Postural Functions- Patti Oetter and Eileen Richter

  • How Does Your Engine Run? The Alert Program for Self Regulation- Carla Cay Williams

  • Building Blocks for Sensory Integration- Sheila Frick

  • Oral Motor, Feeding/Swallowing & Respiratory Coordination Function in Children with Neuromotor Involvement- Rona Alexander

  • Sensory Defensiveness Course- Patricia and Julia Wilbarger

  • Listening with the Whole Body- Sheila Frick and Colleen Hacker

  • New Treatment Perspectives- Colleen Hacker

  • Getting Kids in Sync- Genevieve Jereb

  • The DIR/Floortime Approach: A 2 day Introductory Training- Mari Caulfield and Kathy Walmsley

  • Developmental Individual Difference Relationship Model (Floortime)- Georgina Ahrens

  • Psycho-Sensory Processing Intervention- Kim Barthel 

  • Decoding Autism- Kim Barthel

  • SOS Approach to Feeding- Dr Kay Toomey & Dr Erin Ross

  • Perspectives on Sensory Modulation and Regulation- Clinical Support Team (Camp Jabiru) 


Lara has previously been involved in Camp Jabiru, operated by The Sensory Gym and runs Camp Connect, along with Sensational Kids OT. On varying levels, both of these offer a typical camp experience using various therapeutic approaches to support each child to participate as an individual camper as well as a positive group member.

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