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Camp Connect 2020 is a wrap!

Camp Connect is all done and dusted for another year! We finished the week with some very tired campers (and leaders/volunteers) but everyone was still smiling!

There are so many thank you’s to be passed on...

Thank you to the parents of our campers for trusting us to care for your kiddies and allowing us to experience the joyful and sometimes challenging moments that these past 4 days brought. To watch them push themselves in so many ways was amazing!

To the kiddies themselves, wowza, what a week we’ve had! The smiles, high fives, cheering, companionship, laughter and tears made the week a very memorable one and we’re so proud of each and every one of you for conquering your fears, making new friends and pushing yourselves to the limit in so many ways.

To the volunteers...thank you for committing to this experience because without you camp doesn’t run. You were so dedicated to our kids and helped the days to run as smoothly as possibly. Thank you for lugging drink bottles for kilometres on end, taking photos (and in doing so, capturing the pure joy on the kids faces), carrying heavy bags, and most of all, supporting the kids in achieving success in all things Camp Connect.

And finally, to our Unique Kids team- Indi, Kelsey, Haylee and Ed.

This A-team of therapists put in countless hours ensuring their teams were as ready as they could be to conquer this week. Whilst there were some moments along the way, these amazing leaders were always present and ready to do what it took to help their campers believe they could do anything!

Not only are they amazing at what they do each and every day, but they are simply wonderful people and I feel very privileged and lucky to have the team that we have!

Enjoy the well earned rest and we look forward to Camp Connect in 2020!

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